Boostcom Loyalty enriches your customers digital shopping journey

Boostcom Loyalty

Boostcom Loyalty is an integrated and data-driven customer loyalty solution with the app as a hub for services and offers. With this solution you can easily reach your loyal customers with targeted messages.

Boostcom Loyalty provides technology, services and consultancy to help you:

  • Drive more traffic to your shopping centre
  • Get your customers to spend more money
  • Build a database of rich consumer profiles of your shopping centre customers to establish a true digital position for the future

The shopping centre industry faces several challenges when connecting with the consumer. Boostcom uses technology and experienced expert resources to solve these challenges.

Because we know technology alone will not create success, we offer a full-service Loyalty-program that includes:

  • strategy
  • concept
  • data management
  • recruitment
  • tenant training
  • content
  • campaigns
  • reporting

How we work

Get started with your own loyalty program

We can contribute with anything from the idéa to a final concept.

We are more than just a technology supplier. Our project managers, who establishes a close relationship with the tenants, will help you succeed with your customer membership investments by ensuring progress in line with the planned strategy. They also ensure that your members receive relevant and interesting offers and content.


Boostcom Loyalty includes


Mobile vouchers




Bonus points

CRM Display

Discount cards

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