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Creating World Leading Digital Positions for Shopping Centres

Boostcom customers reach digital footprint of more than 30% of physical shoppers.

Boostcom, the globally leading “proptech” provider for shopping centres, has delivered world leading digital positions for it’s shopping centre customers.

One example is the Norwegian shopping centre Down Town, owned by Citycon. The shopping centre that has reached a level of 76 % digital consumer reach up against the total number of inhabitants in the location town, and 32 % up against their defined catchment area.

The member profiles hold rich data including preferences and behavioural data from e.g. offer redemptions on their mobiles.

The Mall Performance Cloud by Boostcom integrates all possible digital sources to a unified data layer (Data Management Platform) to bridge physical malls with digital.
The data is utilised when doing relevant and targeted marketing to consumers in their preferred digital channels.

Some statistics from the 100 shopping centre customer portfolio served by Boostcom:

– typical 30 % digital consumer reach in catchment area after 3 years
– 1 in 5 customer club app openings result in a retail transaction
– More than 20 % increase in revenue for retailers participating in specific shopping centre campaigns
– More than 10 % increase in overall footfall from individual shopping centre campaigns
– 2 % of total annual revenue at shopping centre directly from mobile redemption

“Boostcom has been helping shopping centres on the digital side since 2004. Our current comprehensive proptech offering customised for shopping centres is proving to make a big difference for our customers. In my view the only true digital asset for shopping centres up against the fast evolving market share of e-commerce is their digital consumer database with rich profiles. If you can reach 30 % upwards of your on site physical shoppers in their preferred digital channels you will as a shopping centre be a very important player and attractive partner also within e-commerce. We expect to share significant results created within this area on behalf of our customers in the months and years to come”, says Peter Tonstad, CEO Boostcom Group.

“We strongly believe in the evolving relation between our physical shopping centres and digital connecting programmes. In Citycon we see the strategic importance of building digital consumer databases, and we are proud of the digital position and hence the related results many of our shopping centres hold to day. We expect this to evolve rapidly moving forward – both in consumer reach and actual added value for our shoppers”, says Marianne Mazarino Håkonsen, VP Marketing in Citycon OYJ.

Contacts for further information:

Peter Tonstad, CEO, Boostcom Group. Tel: +4748176102. Email:

Kristian Nordtomme, CCO, Boostcom Group. Tel +4795073975. Email:

Marianne Mazarino Håkonsen, Citycon. Tel: +4795143005. Email:

About Boostcom (

Boostcom is a world leading proptech company serving the global shopping centre industry with more than 100 shopping centre customers. Boostcom has offices in Europe (5 locations), Dubai and Hong Kong with 60 employees. Boostcom is backed by venture and PE funds to continuously expand its global market position and product development. Boostcom is the only company that integrates all available digital touch points in a shopping mall environment in one data layer – The Mall Performance Cloud.

About Citycon and Down Town (

Citycon is a leading owner, manager and developer of urban, grocery-anchored shopping centres in the Nordic and Baltic region, managing assets that total EUR 5 billion and with market capitalisation of EUR 2 billion. Down Town is a regional shopping centre in the Southen part of Norway, with 36.000 sqm GLA, 76 stores and annual revenue of 87 MEUR.

KLP signed Long Term Agreement with Boostcom

KLP, with shopping centers such as Hvaltorvet, Paleet, Byporten, Glasmagasinet and Fornebu S, has signed a Long Term Agreement with Boostcom, with establishing and running loyalty club solutions as the main focus. We look forward to deliver great results to KLP.

Live in Switzerland!

In August, we helped two malls in Switzerland to launch their loyalty concepts. Friends Club at St. Jakob-Park in Basel and Sihlcity for friends at Sihlcity in Zürich. We look forward to see many loyal customers become “friends” with these malls. 

Shopping mall apps with great results

Boostcom offers apps that function as a hub for consumers’ interaction with the loyalty clubs. Through these apps customers can receive push notifications and access loyalty club-related activities such as coupon offers.

Some of our clients have experienced great success by using apps provided by Boostcom, with a substantial impact on recruitment of new loyalty club members and coupon campaign use.

Gulskogen, in Drammen, is one of these malls. In a city with 62 000 inhabitants, they now have over 40 000 members in their loyalty club, Gulskogen Club. In March this year they conducted a coupon campaign with a total of 5360 redeemed mobile- and paper coupons over a period of 12 days. They also got 970 new members during the coupon period. 

If you want to check out the app, search on “Gulskogen” in App Store or Google Play and download the app.

Introducing Boostcom Data Management Platform

Our new Data Management Platform is live – providing you with new, juicy opportunities that help to truly understand what your customers are doing in the physical and digital space. In combination with our extensive Boostcom Loyalty solution, the platform delivers targeted communication in all relevant channels based on consumers’ actual behaviour, context and preferences.

The audience manager feature in the DMP has been crafted to meet customers’ complex requirements in a in a shopping centre world where the customers expect relevant messages in their preferred channel. The platform enables you to interact and communicate more effectively with your own customers using advanced segmentation opportunities.

The Boostcom DMP includes following key functions:

  • Communication to the members based on actual behaviour and context
  • Possibility to build unique segments per channel
  • Possibility to connect third party data via API (e.g Parking, Wifi, Footfall)
  • Complete overview of all data sources connected to DMP
  • Sophisticated reporting system

Does this expansion solve any of your problems? If yes, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Guten Tag Switzerland!

Boostcom is happy to announce that we have signed our first agreement with a Swiss shopping center group. It’s great to get a new flag on the Boostcom map, and we look forward to serve new clients in the Swiss market. In August we open a new office in Zürich. 


Boostcom opens office in Asia

To support ongoing client processes in the Asia-Pacific region, we are happy to announce that Boostcom today is opening our APAC office in Hong Kong managed by Mr. Andy Cheung. Andy has a comprehensive background from digital marketing, including companies like Groupon and Alibaba. We look forward to this expansion and to offer our Loyalty solutions to a new, exciting market.


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