Xhibition – bonus scheme

The Challenge
Xhibition Shopping Centre in Bergen has had a customer membership scheme in place since 2009. They wanted a concept that was more aligned with the type of centre they are – exclusive stores situated in the city centre. It was also crucial to determine who the most loyal customers are and do something extra to look after them. Part of the solution was to divide the membership scheme into three segments – gold, silver and bronze. Customers who shop there want to receive discounts like everyone else but may be less interested in showing an SMS or voucher when making a purchase.

New bonus scheme with points accrual
The solution was an extensive bonus scheme linked to the cash transaction system in the stores to collect points data. This allows customers to access customer benefits based on the number of points accrued either as a gold, silver or bronze member. This type of delayed reward is even more of a contributor when it comes to generating loyalty over time.

New customer membership platform – the app
In order to tie the entire concept together, the bonus scheme was integrated in the shopping centre app, which now acts as the core of the loyalty concept. In the app there is content for “everyone” as well as content intended for customer members only.

Download and browse through the app in App Store or Google Play, search for “Xhibition”.


The challenge
Gränbystaden, a shopping district in Uppsala, Sweden, with 130 stores and
restaurants, wanted to increase loyalty and revenue from mall customers.
They wanted help to build their own digital channel where they could
communicate directly with their customers via digital channels such as push
notifications, mobile applications and SMS.

Solutions: Boostcom CRM
We have delivered the technical framework to help Gränbystaden communicate
with their customers through digital channels.
Boostcom Mobile Application
We have built a customer loyalty mobile app for the client and helped them
setting up a strategy to get customers to sign up and use the content within
the app.

Results: From zero to 12 700 members in 12 months
Klubb Gränby, that was lauched in July 2016 with 0 members, had in July 2017
12 700 members and 13 520 had downloaded their app.
In April, a coupon campaign that lasted for only two days, resulted in 2587
people using 4074 coupons. The campaign also resulted in 1810 new members
and 1553 app downloads.

Download and browse through the app in App Store or Google Play, search for “Gränbystaden”.

“Klubb Gränby provides a new channel of communication towards our most loyal
customers and at the same time create extra value for the members. It has
great potential and we will continue to develop the app together in tight
collaboration with Boostcom.” – Anna Lovéus, Gränbystaden

Sørlandssenteret: New customer membership club

The Challenge
Sørlandssenteret shopping centre had a customer database of 3600 registered customer profiles that they were unable to fully utilise. They had access to technology allowing them to communicate with the customer database they had developed but required help in expanding the database and creating good content to communicate to the members.

Deliveries in connection with relaunch
In connection with the launch, we helped to:

Customise the customer database for communication via digital channels
“Clean” the existing customer database
Migrate data to Boostcom Loyalty
Coordinate material production linked to the customer membership club
Create a strategy for database expansion
Facilitate optimal internal communication linked to the relaunch of the customer membership club and training of store personnel
Create a strategy for content production
Set up and optimise Facebook advertising
New life for the customer membership club
Sørlandssenteret’s membership club, which had been in hibernation, has now been given new life. In Q2 2017, the customer membership club had 43.000 registered members. Members have access to their own customer club app, where they receive regular member benefits, etc. They regularly receive voucher promotions via SMS which apply to members only. The vouchers are also available in the app for the duration of the promotion. Members also receive regular SMS and e-mails containing information and customer membership club offers.

After three years, what are the typical numbers?

36 000 app downloads in Q2 2017
600 unique coupons were distributed to the members in 2016
This has become a popular and valuable channel for retailers, in average 75% of tenants participate with one or more offers per annum
A coupon campaign: A total of 10 021 offers were redeemed by the members
Participating tenants in a coupon campaign experience in average a revenue increase of more than 20 percent
1 of 5 app openings results in a transaction (highlight this sentence)
Participating tenants in average experienced a revenue increase of more than 20 percent
Download and browse through the app in App Store or Google Play, search for “Sørlandssenteret”.

Apotek 1

The Apotek 1 chain is Norway’s largest pharmacy chain, with more than 400 pharmacies.

The chain wanted to relaunch its customer membership club, with a focus on succeeding with the mobile segment and also bringing the operation of the entire concept to one supplier.

After having established a new strategy for how the customer membership club will be the hub of the chain’s digital communication, the customer membership club launched during autumn 2015 with a new database structure, new registration solutions and a brand new application.

The relaunch was a formidable success and the chain gained 50,000 new members in just three months. With a very high number of downloaded apps, the chain is positioned as a winner within its industry, including when it comes to mobile customer communication.

Download and browse through the app in App Store or Google Play, search for “Apotek 1”.

Impulse Treningssenter

Impulse Treningssenter now has its own internal mobile application!
Impulse Treningssenter employees now have their own application that can be downloaded to smartphones.

The app contains important information for Impulse Treningssenter, such as shift rotation and task lists, employee benefits and the Impulse School; including training portal, articles, events and quizzes. In short, everything you need as an employee and more.