Boostcom is looking for a new Head of Client Deliveries

Location: Oslo
Type of employment: Full time
About the role
The role is responsible for ensuring that the Boostcom business model is replicated successfully in all markets and that local adaptations are made when required. The role will be central in evolving the client offering in all areas of the consumer journey and act as a strategic partner and advisor on these areas to the management team and other areas of the business. This role must inspire and motivate the performance team to deliver value to our clients and continually evolve and improve the services we provide.Does this position sound relevant and interesting to you? Send an e-mail with your application and CV directly to our HR-manager, Reidun Småge (reidun.smage(a) tasks

  • Directly responsible for the success of the performance management model in all existing- and new markets and ensuring that the business model is successfully replicated in new markets and adapted for local conditions when required.
  • Responsible for the establishment of new local performance teams and when required to support international expansion.
  • Responsible for all existing and new employees in the Performance department (currently 15 employees in Trondheim, Oslo, Stockholm, Krakow, Zurich, Brussels, Madrid, and Bangkok)
  • Responsible for evolving the client delivery offering to shape the strategic offer and services offered by the company to clients
  • Take an overseeing role of the handover of new clients from the Commercial Department into performance operations.
  • Drive the performance team forward through data and insights that improve marketing and CRM activities for our clients.
  • Have to be able to travel regularly to all of our current and upcoming offices, including offices in Asia and North America.

Desired personal attributes:

  • Natural leader
  • Good motivator
  • Proactive
  • Independent
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Fluent in English
  • Good at collaboration
  • Result oriented
  • Good at managing both goals and people

Desired experience:

  • Minimum bachelor degree
  • 5+ years of work experience
  • Experience working directly with clients is preferred
  • Experience managing a team is a requirement
  • Digital marketing or BtoB tech background preferable
  • Can also have a consultancy background outside of with an analytical brain and client-facing experience
  • International experience also an advantage

We offer:

  • Competitive conditions
  • A good working environment in a fast-growing company
  • An international leadership role supported by a very talented team

Boostcom is looking for a new CRM Marketing Manager in Germany

Boostcom is now opening an office in Cologne, Berlin or Frankfurt in Germany.

Does this position sound relevant and interesting to you? Send an e-mail with your application and CV directly to our HR-manager, Reidun Småge (reidun.smage(a)

We offer the person we hire in this position:

· possibility for personal growth

· to work with engaged and highly competent co-workers

· to get to work with an offering that creates outstanding results for our clients

· competitive salary

We are looking for an outgoing and highly motivated individual to become our first member of staff in the German market working closely with HQ teams in Norway, and with line responsibility for our Zurich office. The role will all be about building relationships with Shopping Mall marketing teams and retailers to create strong value propositions for loyalty club members.

Boostcom is a world-leading proptech company serving the global shopping mall sector with more than 200 shopping malls, with about 100 employees. Boostcom is supported by venture and PE funds to continuously develop their global market position and product development. Boostcom has been helping shopping malls with digital solutions since 2004, and is the only company that integrates all available digital touchpoints into a shopping environment in a single data layer – The Mall Performance Cloud

You can read more about Boostcom in an interview with our CEO here:

We are ideally looking for a candidate with 3+ years experience with a client-facing role within either Digital Marketing or Retail, and has hands-on experience in Marketing or CRM.

Key Tasks
· Generate increased footfall and -turnover for our clients by using data-driven, digital communication to the mall´s registered loyalty club members

· Working with top retailers to create exciting value propositions for loyalty members

· Plan, build and execute Marketing & CRM campaigns

· Manage external marketing campaigns to recruit new loyalty club members

· Provide clients with deep analytical reports

· Proactive in growing revenues from clients

· Managing Social Media Channels on behalf of clients

· Line-manager for one employee in Zurich

· Responsible for Boostcom´s German and Swiss clients (Fluent Swiss-German not required)

· Relevant higher education in marketing, media or communication

· Good ability to communicate orally and in writing

Personal abilities:
· Structured, engaged and creative

· Good social skills

· Service-minded

· Good implementation capacity

· Interest in technology

· Fluent in German, preferably mother tongue

Report to: Head of Digital Performance in Norway

Location – Cologne, Frankfurt or Berlin, Germany

Employment – Permanent

Start Date: Soon


Boostcom, the world’s leading proptech supplier for shopping malls, has acquired iColumn in Asia. The companies help increase shopping centre revenues, both instore and online.

“We help shopping centers deliver an increasing share of revenue from digital. We want shopping centers to experience that digital is not only a marketing channel. It is a revenue channel. Instead of feeling challenged by e-commerce, they can push the limit for how far they can go into digital sales to the benefit of their tenants,” said Peter Tonstad, CEO of Boostcom Group.

As part of its growth strategy, the company has now acquired iColumn based out of Singapore. iColumn is the leading player in digitalisation of shopping centres in South-East Asia since 2009.

Boostcom and iColumn have data management, CRM and loyalty related products and services that complement both companies in favour of all customers. In total, the companies serve approx. 200 shopping centres in 16 countries, and had a combined turnover of MUSD 11 in 2018, with close to 100 employees.

Boostcom/iColumn integrates all possible digital sources with a unified data layer to link the physical shopping malls to consumers in digital channels. The data is used to make relevant and targeted marketing to consumers in their preferred digital channels.

Boostcom has customers that reach up to 80% of all consumers in the physical centre through their database of digital profiles, and where the shopping centres data-driven digital activities drive more than 25% of the revenue for some tenants on a monthly basis.

“We have not seen similar results outside our own customer base anywhere in the world. We are and want to be the hub of the digital transformation to a very large and important global industry,” says Tonstad.

”iColumn wants to be part of a major world-leading player in digitalisation of shopping centres. We have been pioneers in the area in South East Asia, and we will now grow more across Asia and globally together with the rest of Boostcom. The difference between Asia and Europe in this area is that in Asia, there has been more focus on consumer benefits linked to actual purchases. In the Boostcom perspective, it is crucial for us to deliver the largest possible range of documented consumer transactions from digital to shopping centres and their tenants. We are and will be a crucial partner for the shopping centres into the future,” says Jason Cheong, CEO, iColumn.

Boosted by loyalty

Customer loyalty is good for business. In close cooperation with Boostcom, Sørlandssenteret is now experiencing 25 to 30 per cent year-over-year growth in revenues for participating stores.

The global shopping centre industry is challenged by fluctuating visitor count and decrease in tenant turnover. Worries about the economic outlook, coupled with the rise of e-commerce and more spending on eating out leave little cash left over for splurging in the shops. Ruben Storvold, Shopping Centre Director at Norwegian Sørlandssenteret, believes globalisation, digitalisation and polarisation best describes the trends in his industry.

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Consolidate data with The Mall Performance Cloud

The number of digital interactions with consumers before, during and after mall visits are increasing with the introduction of new services such as WIFI infrastructure, digital parking solutions, digital footfall tracking, and Click & Collect – Combined with a huge amount of behavior data from digital marketing activities across all platforms and channels, malls are struggling to consolidate data from the existing silos into one unified layer that can help them understand their customers better and create new services.

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Real estate consultancy Cushman & Wakefield Spain is introducing the Infinity digital platform, developed exclusively with the proptech giant Boostcom and based on its technology “The Mall Performance Cloud”

“The Infinity platform will allow us to perfectly know 60% of the shopping center visitors in 5 years’ time”

Shopping center innovation to deliver a hyper-personalized visitor experience

Barcelona, June 28, 2018 – Real estate consultancy Cushman & Wakefield Spain is introducing the Infinity digital platform, developed exclusively with the proptech giant Boostcom and based on its technology “The Mall Performance Cloud”, with the aim of deeply knowing the behavior and consumption habits of shopping center visitors in Spain and improving their shopping experience.

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Introducing a new generation reporting and analytics in The Mall Performance Cloud

Our new generation reporting and analytics solution is now live and available as a part of The Mall Performance Cloud. It is now possible to analyze key digital metrics, including loyalty performance data, footfall data, Wi-Fi data, parking data and more. By combining data from different sources, we are able to transform reports into valuable insights that help our clients in their strategic and tactical decisions.

We are utilizing a wide range of visualizations – including maps – to deliver real insight into an intuitive and easy-to-use interface. As we put even more advanced reports into the solution it will be a real game changer in providing you with full transparency and insight into complex topics like consumer behaviour and campaign performance.

The solution is powered by Microsoft Power BI, which is regarded by Gartner as the visionary leader in the business intelligence space.

Contact us if you want more information about this feature.

Increased ROI via Mall Performance Cloud with Advanced Audience Manager & Channel Mix Optimization

Through Mall Performance Cloud’s Data Management Platform, Boostcom’s performance managers are now able to work more strategically towards reaching our clients’ KPIs. Our core focus is to utilize all tools and channels and set up campaigns with one overall goal; to give our clients maximum ROI. 

Through performance marketing, our performance managers will track and analyse results from campaigns, channels and content, and optimise the next activities to increase reach, engagement and sales. GDPR-compliant digital behavioral data gives us quality input and the opportunity to be more specific and relevant in our communication. The output is better results for a lower cost.  

Contact us if you want more information.

Boostcom Acquires All Customer- and Technology-Related Assets in Mall-Connect

Boostcom strengthens global market-leading position by asset purchase deal with Mall-Connect in the Netherlands

OSLO, NorwayFeb. 1, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Boostcom, the globally leading “proptech” provider for shopping malls, has signed an agreement to acquire all customer- and technology-related assets in Mall-Connect based in the Netherlands.

Mall-Connect has been helping shopping malls in EMEA, Latin America and Asia on the digital side since 2011.

Mall-Connect customers, prospects and industry relations will now be introduced to the complete Boostcom offering of data-driven marketing and automation capabilities.

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