Click & Collect at Jessheim Storsenter      

Jessheim Storsenter in Norway just launched Click & Collect in their loyalty app, as the first mall in Scandinavia. In Click & Collect the mall has gathered exclusive products only available for members of the customer club.

Members will be able to:

  • Reserve and order exclusive products for pickup at the store.
  • Search for relevant products, sizes and stores.
  • Select gift wrapping and get the products gift wrapped before pickup.
  • Mark products as favorites, and continue shopping at a later time!
  • Maintain an overview of current and previous orders. It is hence easy to keep track of all your orders, past and present.

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New Facebook advertising feature in The Mall Performance Cloud

We are now introducing the Audience Advertising Bridge that will enable easier, more effective and efficient data driven advertising on Facebook, directly from The Mall Performance Cloud. Through using the Audience Advertising Bridge, you can increase the effect of your loyalty campaigns, run more efficient recruitment campaigns and implement truly data driven digital advertising – based on what your customers are doing.

The new Facebook advertising feature enables you to leverage any audience/segment created in the platform to target loyalty members directly through Facebook advertising. This provides you with brand new opportunities to include digital advertising as a part of an integrated campaign execution plan together with SMS, push and e-mail.

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The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)


The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is the new EU regulation for personal data protection. The official text was published in 2016, and the regulation applies from 25 May 2018. GDPR will replace the current EU data protection directive, and the purpose is to strengthen the protection for all individuals inside the EU and harmonize legislation in all member states. The regulation covers both companies established in the EU as well as those established in other countries which offer services to EU citizens. 

What’s new? 

While the main principles of collecting and processing personal data from the existing directive and current national legislation remain valid, there are several points to highlight which are either new or made more explicit: 

  • Individual citizens are given more control, e.g. by granular consents and data subject rights
  • More explicit responsibilities for companies processing data on behalf of their clients
  • Less notifications to the authorities, but increased documentation requirements
  • More companies will have to appoint a Data Protection Officer
  • Infringements of the regulation may lead to steep sanctions 

Boostcom and GDPR

In Boostcom, privacy compliance and protecting our clients’ data is our top priority. We have been working with the new regulation since 2016, and we are undertaking every necessary measure to ensure compliance with GDPR and local derogations within May 2018. 

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We have held a webinar about GDPR, you can watch the whole webinar here:

PlaceWise and Boostcom partner to deliver world leading digital services to global shopping center market

Partnership will bring increased digital engagement between shoppers and their local mall.

PlaceWise Digital and Boostcom have entered into a partnership to provide the most comprehensive digital solution for the global shopping center industry.

PlaceWise is the leading provider of digital services for the shopping center industry in North America, serving over 800 shopping centers in the United States and Canada.

Boostcom is the market leading data management and loyalty marketing platform with 100 shopping malls across Europe

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Creating World Leading Digital Positions for Shopping Centres

Boostcom customers reach digital footprint of more than 30% of physical shoppers.

Boostcom, the globally leading “proptech” provider for shopping centres, has delivered world leading digital positions for it’s shopping centre customers.

One example is the Norwegian shopping centre Down Town, owned by Citycon. The shopping centre that has reached a level of 76 % digital consumer reach up against the total number of inhabitants in the location town, and 32 % up against their defined catchment area.

The member profiles hold rich data including preferences and behavioural data from e.g. offer redemptions on their mobiles.

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Live in Switzerland!

In August, we helped two malls in Switzerland to launch their loyalty concepts. Friends Club at St. Jakob-Park in Basel and Sihlcity for friends at Sihlcity in Zürich. We look forward to see many loyal customers become “friends” with these malls. 

Shopping mall apps with great results

Boostcom offers apps that function as a hub for consumers’ interaction with the loyalty clubs. Through these apps customers can receive push notifications and access loyalty club-related activities such as coupon offers.

Some of our clients have experienced great success by using apps provided by Boostcom, with a substantial impact on recruitment of new loyalty club members and coupon campaign use.Continue reading

Introducing Boostcom Data Management Platform

Our new Data Management Platform is live – providing you with new, juicy opportunities that help to truly understand what your customers are doing in the physical and digital space. In combination with our extensive Boostcom Loyalty solution, the platform delivers targeted communication in all relevant channels based on consumers’ actual behaviour, context and preferences.

The audience manager feature in the DMP has been crafted to meet customers’ complex requirements in a in a shopping centre world where the customers expect relevant messages in their preferred channel. The platform enables you to interact and communicate more effectively with your own customers using advanced segmentation opportunities.

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Guten Tag Switzerland!

Boostcom is happy to announce that we have signed our first agreement with a Swiss shopping center group. It’s great to get a new flag on the Boostcom map, and we look forward to serve new clients in the Swiss market. In August we open a new office in Zürich.