Utopia – effective recruitment via Facebook Bridge

Utopia shopping center in Umeå conducted a loyalty campaign 7. – 17. December 2018. Before the campaign, Utopia had just over 2000 members in their loyalty database. During this campaign, they managed to recruit 1733 new members (an increase of 86%), in only 10 days! Scroll down to see how they did it.

How did they do it?

Naked Juice Bar offered FREE smoothie to all new- and existing members. Customers seem to love free stuff since this generated 992 redeemed loyalty coupons out of 1500 in total.

They ran a Facebook campaign (utilizing the Boostcom Audience Bridge for Facebook), where we created three different segments: women (non-members), men (non-members) and members. The non-members were so-called “mirror” segments mirroring the attributes of the members in the existing database.


The Facebook campaign cost Utopia EUR 1 000,- in total.

Members were exposed to information about the campaign and received information about offers relevant to their demographics (that they not had redeemed already). Non-members were exposed to the “register here” link.

  • Cost per new member via Facebook was EUR 1,5
  • Unique impressions: 30 919 people
  • 1 742 people clicked on the link
  • 648 new members were recruited via Facebook in 10 days
  • 1733 new recruited members to the loyalty club in total during the campaign

During this campaign we used Boostcom´s tool Facebook Audience Bridge, to create the mirror audience. Boostcom DMP & Advanced Audience manager provide live audiences to Facebook for targeted advertising based on members demographics and behaviour. This is a GDPR compliant way to create these segments and the only way to use member data up against Facebook and still be GDPR compliant after May 2018.

Success criteria for this campaign:

  • Combination of free offerings, good offers, and recruitment often generates great results
  • The format: video ad
  • The right target audience was targeted via Facebook

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