Boosted by loyalty

Customer loyalty is good for business. In close cooperation with Boostcom, Sørlandssenteret is now experiencing 25 to 30 per cent year-over-year growth in revenues for participating stores.

The global shopping centre industry is challenged by fluctuating visitor count and decrease in tenant turnover. Worries about the economic outlook, coupled with the rise of e-commerce and more spending on eating out leave little cash left over for splurging in the shops. Ruben Storvold, Shopping Centre Director at Norwegian Sørlandssenteret, believes globalisation, digitalisation and polarisation best describes the trends in his industry.

  • Digitalisation means that consumers demand more convenience and accessibility. What we’re seeing is that the premium centres, as well as the lower end ones, are doing well. The ones in the middle are being squeezed by competition, Storvold says.

Eating is the new shopping

To survive in the digital age, centres will need to to reinvent themselves. When consumers visit, they are looking for experiences that go well beyong traditional shopping. Storvold has been managing Sørlandssenteret since 2012, and firmly believes in giving something back to his customers.

  • We frequently host events, talks and shows. We’ve also developed a strong food and beverage presence, with an increase of five to 20 restaurants only since I started. Eating is the new shopping, Storvold says.

Storvold has been working closely with Boostcom ever since he took up the position six years ago. He needed something that moved him closer to his customers.

  • When I started working here I challenged Boostcom to revitalise our customer membership club. I think we had only 2,000 customer profiles registered at the time, and we couldn’t really utilise them in any meaningful way, Storvold says.

Strong growth in revenues

Boostcom and Sørlandssenteret explored various solutions to stimulate engagement and loyalty, and together they started a process of creating more meaningful content for Sørlandssenteret’s customers. Members now have access to their own customer club app where they receive regular member benefits, and the results have been outstanding.

  • We basically went from scratch to 60,000 members in only six years. 75 % of our tenants participate in campaigns at least once a year, and most importantly, year-over-year growth in revenues has been between 25 to 30 per cent for the participating shops, Storvold says.

The revived membership club underlines the importance of giving something back to your customers. Sørlandssenteret isn’t just about promoting offers. Equally important elements of their revived customer club include information about activities and events.

  • Our cooperation with Boostcom has been excellent, but if I was to single out one thing it would be their customer support. We’ve always been well looked after, Storvold says.


Many shopping centres of today are challenged by fluctuating visitor count and a decrease in tenant turnover.


Boostcom’s Mall Performance Cloud enables shopping centres to get closer to their customers. The Mall Performance Cloud integrates all digital touch points in a shopping centre environment with Boostcom’s powerful data management and loyalty platform built specifically to cater for the needs of shopping centre owners and operators.


Boostcom is a proptech company serving the global shopping centre industry with more than 100 shopping centre customers. The company has offices in Europe (five locations), Dubai, Denver and Hong Kong, and is the only company that integrates all available digital touch points in a shopping mall environment in one data layer – The Mall Performance Cloud. For more information, please visit


Sørlandssenteret is Scandinavias largest shopping centre (by retail size in square metres), and among the largest in Northern Europe. The shopping centre has 165 stores and businesses under one roof, covering a total space of 110,500 m2 following a substantial enlargement in 2013. Sørlandssenteret is owned by Olav Thon Gruppen and Norway’s largest financial services group, DNB. For more information, please visit (Norwegian only).



Consolidate data with The Mall Performance Cloud

The number of digital interactions with consumers before, during and after mall visits are increasing with the introduction of new services such as WIFI infrastructure, digital parking solutions, digital footfall tracking, and Click & Collect – Combined with a huge amount of behavior data from digital marketing activities across all platforms and channels, malls are struggling to consolidate data from the existing silos into one unified layer that can help them understand their customers better and create new services.

The Mall Performance Cloud is specially built to enable fast and agile integrations, so malls can use the available data to build truly personalized customer journeys across all channels and platforms including e-mail, SMS, apps, web, social and digital advertising.

By consolidating data, you will also get the complete overview of all consumer interactions across all touchpoints in the Boostcom Analytics module.

Boostcom is proud of being able to do fast and agile integrations with our clients’ and 3rd parties’ data. By developing APIs that allow integrations directly into our core platform, we consider ourselves at the forefront of integrating with any proximity, advertising or POS vendor as well as creating our own innovative APIs. We also make sure that all of our integrations are 100 % GDPR compliant.

We offer the following integrations for our clients:

  • Proximity integrations
  • Advertising integrations
  • POS integrations

All of our integrations also come with fully combined business intelligence analysis and reporting in The Mall Performance Cloud.


Proximity integrations are aimed at gaining an understanding of consumer behaviour in and around the physical mall.

Boostcom completes proximity integrations for parking, Wi-Fi, geo-fencing, Beacons and footfall data. These integrations are perfect as a source to complete location-based campaigns and distributing content to consumers based on consumer visits or proximity to a location.

  • Parking integrations are great for giving loyalty rewards in the form of free parking and recruit new members.
  • Wi-Fi is still very relevant to shopping center customers – and a great communication and recruitment channel.
  • Geo-fencing lets you set-up zones around malls and distributes messages to people who enter this zone, with lots of flexibility to manage frequency and timing to coincide with opening hours.
  • With Beacons, a mall can increase consumption and send close-proximity push messaging.
  • Footfall tracking gives a consolidated data-view of the physical touch-points of a shopping mall.


Our DMP enables data-driven digital advertising for recruitment and loyalty club consumption through integrations with ad-tech platforms and a DMP integration with Facebook and Instagram.

Using Boostcom DMP Audiences to power Digital Advertising

Through our API integrations we can leverage the Facebook advertising API and media agency API integrations to use all segmentation capabilities of the Advanced Audience Manager (AAM) to run very precisely targeted CRM Advertising; such as, lookalike audience targeting to recruit audiences with similar profiles to existing loyalty member and; member/non-member targeting to show offers or a recruitment message.

POS INTEGRATIONS with transactional data, bonus/reward-schemes, and digital receipt-handling allows our clients to combine POS data with loyalty member profiles in Boostcom DMP.


The Mall Performance Cloud enables synchronization of members with third-party vendors and vice versa. Our clients are also able to synchronize their loyalty coupons with external sources such as an app (not provided by Boostcom) or their own website.


All data through our integrations can be fed directly into our state of the art POWER BI reporting tool in The Mall Performance Cloud. The analytical power gained by combining integrations with our fully integrated POWER BI reporting solutions gives unparalleled insights into consumer behaviour.

Contact us if you want more information about how you can do data integrations with The Mall Performance Cloud.

Real estate consultancy Cushman & Wakefield Spain is introducing the Infinity digital platform, developed exclusively with the proptech giant Boostcom and based on its technology “The Mall Performance Cloud”

“The Infinity platform will allow us to perfectly know 60% of the shopping center visitors in 5 years’ time”

Shopping center innovation to deliver a hyper-personalized visitor experience

Barcelona, June 28, 2018 – Real estate consultancy Cushman & Wakefield Spain is introducing the Infinity digital platform, developed exclusively with the proptech giant Boostcom and based on its technology “The Mall Performance Cloud”, with the aim of deeply knowing the behavior and consumption habits of shopping center visitors in Spain and improving their shopping experience.

Through visitors’ interaction with the center itself and technology such as geolocation or Smart Data, the platform collects, analyzes and processes information about the client, and “returns” relevant and “intelligent” information. As the data is processed through algorithms, the shopping center has the possibility to communicate with its visitors in real time, send them hyper-segmented and personalized information, anticipate behavior and future purchases and, ultimately, make the shopping experience completely tailor-made.

The launch of this tool, unique in the Spanish market and based on the “customer-centric” philosophy, places Cushman & Wakefield Spain at the forefront of innovation in the management of shopping centers. According to Rafael Mateu, Partner and Director of Retail Asset Services for Spain, “this project allows us to unite the physical and online areas of the shopping center and create unprecedented engagement with visitors, making the shopping experience beneficial for both the clients of the center and the retailers”. Through this tool, the consultancy expects to know, in a mere 5 years, 60% of visitors of the shopping centers that it manages in Spain.

Cushman & Wakefield Spain is the leading real estate consultancy in shopping center management in the country. It is currently involved in the management and commercialization of 30 centers and commercial parks in Spain, which total more than 1.350.000 m² GLA and include several top-level assets among which Islazul (TH Real Estate), intu Asturias (intu Properties), Parque Corredor (Redevco), L´Aljub (DWS), Ferial Plaza (Realia) or Airesur (CBRE Global Investors) stand out. The portfolio of assets managed by Cushman & Wakefield is complemented by 5 portfolios of hypermarkets and medium-sized areas, totalling 1.650.000 m² GLA.


About Cushman & Wakefield Spain

Cushman & Wakefield is a global leader in real estate services and advises its clients to transform the way people work, shop and live. The 48,000 employees of the firm in 400 offices in more than 70 countries provide in-depth local and global knowledge that provides significant value for occupants and investors around the world. Cushman & Wakefield is among the largest real estate services firms, with revenues of 6.9 billion dollars (2017) in services such as agency, management, capital markets, facilities services (C & W Services), global occupier services, investment management (DTZ Investors), tenant representation, and valuations & advisory.

In Spain, where Cushman & Wakefield has nearly three decades of experience, the company’s business covers the entire Spanish geography. The headquarters are located in Madrid (Ed. Beatriz, Jose Ortega y Gasset, 29, 6) and Barcelona (Passeig de Gràcia, 56, 7), with a multidisciplinary team of more than 240 professionals. To learn more, visit or follow them at @CushWakeSPAIN on Twitter.

Introducing a new generation reporting and analytics in The Mall Performance Cloud

Our new generation reporting and analytics solution is now live and available as a part of The Mall Performance Cloud. It is now possible to analyze key digital metrics, including loyalty performance data, footfall data, Wi-Fi data, parking data and more. By combining data from different sources, we are able to transform reports into valuable insights that help our clients in their strategic and tactical decisions.

We are utilizing a wide range of visualizations – including maps – to deliver real insight into an intuitive and easy-to-use interface. As we put even more advanced reports into the solution it will be a real game changer in providing you with full transparency and insight into complex topics like consumer behaviour and campaign performance.

The solution is powered by Microsoft Power BI, which is regarded by Gartner as the visionary leader in the business intelligence space.

Contact us if you want more information about this feature.

Increased ROI via Mall Performance Cloud with Advanced Audience Manager & Channel Mix Optimization

Through Mall Performance Cloud’s Data Management Platform, Boostcom’s performance managers are now able to work more strategically towards reaching our clients’ KPIs. Our core focus is to utilize all tools and channels and set up campaigns with one overall goal; to give our clients maximum ROI. 

Through performance marketing, our performance managers will track and analyse results from campaigns, channels and content, and optimise the next activities to increase reach, engagement and sales. GDPR-compliant digital behavioral data gives us quality input and the opportunity to be more specific and relevant in our communication. The output is better results for a lower cost.  

Contact us if you want more information.

Boostcom Acquires All Customer- and Technology-Related Assets in Mall-Connect

Boostcom strengthens global market-leading position by asset purchase deal with Mall-Connect in the Netherlands

OSLO, NorwayFeb. 1, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Boostcom, the globally leading “proptech” provider for shopping malls, has signed an agreement to acquire all customer- and technology-related assets in Mall-Connect based in the Netherlands.

Mall-Connect has been helping shopping malls in EMEA, Latin America and Asia on the digital side since 2011.

Mall-Connect customers, prospects and industry relations will now be introduced to the complete Boostcom offering of data-driven marketing and automation capabilities.

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Click & Collect at Jessheim Storsenter      

Jessheim Storsenter in Norway just launched Click & Collect in their loyalty app, as the first mall in Scandinavia. In Click & Collect the mall has gathered exclusive products only available for members of the customer club.

Members will be able to:

  • Reserve and order exclusive products for pickup at the store.
  • Search for relevant products, sizes and stores.
  • Select gift wrapping and get the products gift wrapped before pickup.
  • Mark products as favorites, and continue shopping at a later time!
  • Maintain an overview of current and previous orders. It is hence easy to keep track of all your orders, past and present.

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New Facebook advertising feature in The Mall Performance Cloud

We are now introducing the Audience Advertising Bridge that will enable easier, more effective and efficient data driven advertising on Facebook, directly from The Mall Performance Cloud. Through using the Audience Advertising Bridge, you can increase the effect of your loyalty campaigns, run more efficient recruitment campaigns and implement truly data driven digital advertising – based on what your customers are doing.

The new Facebook advertising feature enables you to leverage any audience/segment created in the platform to target loyalty members directly through Facebook advertising. This provides you with brand new opportunities to include digital advertising as a part of an integrated campaign execution plan together with SMS, push and e-mail.

Contact us to get more information about this feature.

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)


The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is the new EU regulation for personal data protection. The official text was published in 2016, and the regulation applies from 25 May 2018. GDPR will replace the current EU data protection directive, and the purpose is to strengthen the protection for all individuals inside the EU and harmonize legislation in all member states. The regulation covers both companies established in the EU as well as those established in other countries which offer services to EU citizens. 

What’s new? 

While the main principles of collecting and processing personal data from the existing directive and current national legislation remain valid, there are several points to highlight which are either new or made more explicit: 

  • Individual citizens are given more control, e.g. by granular consents and data subject rights
  • More explicit responsibilities for companies processing data on behalf of their clients
  • Less notifications to the authorities, but increased documentation requirements
  • More companies will have to appoint a Data Protection Officer
  • Infringements of the regulation may lead to steep sanctions 

Boostcom and GDPR

In Boostcom, privacy compliance and protecting our clients’ data is our top priority. We have been working with the new regulation since 2016, and we are undertaking every necessary measure to ensure compliance with GDPR and local derogations within May 2018. 

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We have held a webinar about GDPR, you can watch the whole webinar here: