Cushman & Wakefield and Boostcom’s “Big Data” project successfully closes its first year with 220,000 registered members


The Infinity platform for shopping centres reaches an engagement of more than 50% between its users every month


Press release from Cushman & Wakefield Madrid, January 29, 2020 – Infinity, the “Big Data” digital platform developed exclusively by Cushman & Wakefield together with proptech giant Boostcom, is celebrating its first year of operation. During these twelve months, the loyalty program has achieved 220,000 registrations among the visitors of the ten shopping centres – managed by the real estate consultant – that use the tool. This figure represents 15% of the total unique clients who visit these spaces each year and the result is an increase of 50% compared to the best reference cases at a global level.

Infinity, which uses Boostcom’s “The Mall Performance Cloud” technology, provides, through the interaction of visitors with the centre itself, highly relevant information on demographics, interests, consumption habits and customer behaviour. With the processed data, the mall has the ability to forecast behaviour and communicate with its visitors in real-time, sending hyper-segmented information.

The mix of personalized content, special actions and member benefits have increased engagement to unprecedented levels, with 50% of the members interacting with the project on a monthly basis. Among the benefits, collaborations have been made with more than 130 retailers that are already obtaining higher revenues thanks to Infinity.

Rafael Mateu, Partner and Director of Asset Services at Cushman & Wakefield, highlights that “the results obtained together with Boostcom in Infinity’s first year of operations confirm that customer knowledge will be the key to the future of retail. We are working on expanding the project to other shopping centres managed by Cushman & Wakefield in Europe”.

Peter Tonstad, CEO of Boostcom Group, is very pleased with the initial results and says that “together with Cushman & Wakefield, we are setting a new standard for shopping centre loyalty in Europe. C&W’s strategic approach to digital interaction and their operational expertise have played a crucial role in Infinity’s rapid success. This will enable C&W to generate substantial revenue for its clients in the coming years”.

The first annual penetration figures for Infinity, which has become a new industry benchmark, come against a backdrop of increased traffic to the shopping centres that make up Cushman & Wakefield’s management portfolio. Specifically, the centres managed by C&W show an increase of 2.3%, compared to the 1.9% decrease recorded by the ShopperTrak Footfall index (average for the Spanish market) in the last 12 months.

Drive Footfall With Boostcom Rewards

Technology has certainly changed how people shop, raising the bar forever on the level of convenience, selection, and personalization they expect whenever and wherever they buy. The vast majority of consumers still prefer to shop in-store but it’s no longer essential, so when they do, shoppers expect a meaningful, immersive, and personalized experience, and to have their loyalty rewarded.

For centres already using Boostcoms Mall Performance Cloud MPC, adding the new Boostcom Rewards module makes it easier to give shoppers more of what they want.  Start by defining the shopper actions or behaviours you want to encourage, then determine the type and number of rewards available, message members about your new Rewards program, and finally monitor and optimize your results – all within MPC.

Boostcom Rewards is designed to seamlessly integrate with our mobile app, inspiring customers to visit your centre more often, and motivate them to purchase more when they do. Reward your loyalty members for mall visits, redemptions, digital interactions, and parking, sharing your content and even referrals.  All triggered automatically from a variety of digital touchpoints along with the customers personalized journey.




Several of our clients have already introduced Boostcom Rewards to their customers, with results that have exceeded their initial targets and expectations.

  • 4,400 members opted in for Rewards within 7 days of program launch
  • 50,829 customer actions were tracked and rewarded during the first 30 days of Rewards going live.
  • App usage increased by 30%, to 12,000 monthly users after the Rewards program was introduced.

Members who opt into Rewards receive automated messages explaining how the program works, how to earn points, and notifications when they have enough points to redeem a reward. Personalized dashboards let users monitor their points and activities to see how close they are to their next reward, then browse the available options in the Rewards Shop and redeem their points.

Combining the best of physical shopping with the personalization only digital can deliver, gives shoppers the meaningful, immersive, personalized shopping experience they want, inspires return visits, and motivates additional purchases.

Introducing Boostcom Data Management Platform

Our new Data Management Platform is live – providing you with new, juicy opportunities that help to truly understand what your customers are doing in the physical and digital space. In combination with our extensive Boostcom Loyalty solution, the platform delivers targeted communication in all relevant channels based on consumers’ actual behaviour, context and preferences.

The audience manager feature in the DMP has been crafted to meet customers’ complex requirements in a in a shopping centre world where the customers expect relevant messages in their preferred channel. The platform enables you to interact and communicate more effectively with your own customers using advanced segmentation opportunities.

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Guten Tag Switzerland!

Boostcom is happy to announce that we have signed our first agreement with a Swiss shopping center group. It’s great to get a new flag on the Boostcom map, and we look forward to serve new clients in the Swiss market. In August we open a new office in Zürich.